Our Towns

Tishomingo County, Mississippi Towns

Belmont, Mississippi

Belmont, origianlly called "Gum Springs" is just off the Natchez Trace Parkway. After railroad came through, Belmont was incorporated in 1908. It is home to the historic Belmont Hotel built in 1924. The Hotel has recently been renovated and is a beautiful place to stay.

Burnsville, Mississippi

Burnsville, named after an early settler, Jeremiah Burns. It sits right next to the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway on Hwy. 72 and Hwy. 365. Fishing, camping, boating, water skiing are all close by for the whole family to enjoy.

Iuka, Mississippi

Iuka has no shortage of history and folklore. Mineral Springs Park was once the place where one could come for water that was said to cure many afflictions. Iuka is the hub of Tishomingo County today because of the difficuties and triumphs of the past.

Paden, Mississippi

Located on HWY 30, NW of Tishomingo is a tiny town with some history. An early settler, Thomas Paden, built his home there. He called it Castle Garden. It was burned by Union troops during the Civil War and the area became known as Burnt Hill. When the town was incorporated its name was changed to Paden. Nearby are the Tenn-Tom Waterway and Baysprings Lake.

Tishomingo, Mississippi

Tishomingo, named after Chief Tishomingo. Nearby Tishomingo State Park is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Bear Creek runs through the park where you can enjoy canoeing, fishing and bird watching. The four seasons make it a beautiful place year-round.